Andruchi Roulette System

If you have got the feeling that some numbers are just luckier than others, the Andruchi Roulette System is just for you. According to this roulette system, lucky numbers do exist and the idea of the system is to identify them. The Andruchi is based on the assumption that the theory of randomness can include sequences. According to this system, although a sequence of spins brings random results, at least a certain number wins 8 times, before another gets hot, or gets any hits at all. The idea of the Andruchi Roulette System is to be aware of the recurring numbers – those that keep coming up. To track these numbers, the player can make use of the scoreboard that shows the winning numbers from the last dozen or 20 rounds.

The basic tenet of this online gambling system is that, once the player identifies a number that has been showing for more than thrice, they will place straight up bets on the number, because they expect it to hit again. It is however interesting to note that the Andruchi is in fact the exact reverse of another well-known roulette strategy, in which the player covers the table with street, corner, and double street bets. In the others, the numbers come out in the last 3 to 5 spins. In case of other systems, the player believes that the hot numbers will not repeat themselves for some time, whereas the Andruchi player believes the opposite.

An interesting aspect of the system is that while most roulette strategies focus on even bets, this one goes for the bet with the thinnest winning odds, namely the straight up bet. Many roulette players will tell you that the straight out bet is one of the worst bets in the casino, but as it pays 35 to 1, the appeal of the Andruchi betting system easy to figure out. It is easier to apply the Andruchi System when playing online roulette rather than brick-and-mortar casino. The player sets the pace and decides when to begin a round and since there is no need for permission to write down the numbers, the player can keep as long a list as they wish. The site also has a section on FAQs that answer some of the general queries players might have.

Finding the best Canadian casino

The internet has truly democratized the media and made all kinds of information available much easier than ever before. If you were interested to find out what is the best Canadian casino just a few years ago, your options were few and far between. You could have asked your friends, hoping that some of them have been in a  Canadian casino that they were happy with enough to recommend, but if that didn’t work, you were stuck with what little information you could get from advertising, TV and press. The internet has changed all that, since it enabled every single person with a computer a chance to speak his or hers mind on any number of topics, including Canadian casino websites and establishments.

For instance, let’s say that you are interested in a casino website called Casino Helper. The interface is slick and modern, the games seem fun and plentiful, and the bonuses got your head spinning, but you are still not sure of this particular  Canadian casino website is to be trusted or not. Well, nothing easier than finding that out. Fire up Google, Bing or your favorite search engine, and type “casino helper review”. You should get at least a few dozen hits, and most of them will be unbiased, third party personal review written by people just like you. Read through them, and look for any red flags. For instance, if several customers mentioned that the customer support of the  Canadian casino website in question is slow, there’s a good chance that you will have a similar experience.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t blindly trust every bit of information you happen to find online. The same thing that makes internet such a great source of unbiased information – that is, the fact that everyone can contribute to it – is also the thing you should be wary of. For instance, you might notice that all reviews of some  Canadian casino websites look like they’ve been written by the same person. In this situation, especially if the reviews are all extremely positive, you should be careful, since there’s a big chance that the reviews in question weren’t written by real customers of the  Canadian casino website, but rather by it’s marketing department.

Playing Bingo with multiple Bingo cards

Bingo is a simple game that is played in majority of the casinos. The game of Bingo is purely dependent on luck. This initially started in UK and today it is common among all the people across the world. One can find many Bingo clubs, Bingo halls and Bingo online sites that offer a wide variety of bingo games to all its customers.

Generally, in land based casinos offering bingo games, all the bingo balls have equal weight. This ensures that there is no ball with less weight that is drawn into the air tube and is called more number of times than any other number.

In this game of Bingo, each and every number has equal chances to be drawn. There is no particular pattern or the bingo strategy that can be applied to distinguish the called numbers. Also there is no method that can be predicted that these particular numbers would be called out.

There is no method that a player can use to affect the outcome of the numbers. There is no gambling approach or a procedure to implement so that the players can have an effect on the outcome of the game.

Each and every Bingo card has same chance of having the numbers that are called. This makes the game of Bingo interesting. It means that, if the player plays multiple Bingo cards at the same time, then chances to win the game are more. Every extra Bingo card the player plays, has extra chance of having the drawn numbers. Players have to pay certain amount for these extra bingo cards.

Playing with multiple bingo cards is the best approach that a player can use to increase his chances of winning. It means that the number of cards, the player plays is very important. The Bingo online offers a huge variety of Bingo cards for its players. There are many online Bingo casino sites that offer a feature called auto daubing which automatically daubs the numbers on the bingo cards. Thus, players playing Bingo online can enjoy the game with more number of cards as everything is done by the ‘auto daub’ feature.

Ladbrokes Casino Review

Ladbrokes is a well-known gambling company based in the United Kingdom. Landbrokes established in 1886 provides various gambling-related services through its sports betting, poker, bingo, lottos and casino websites. Ladbrokes Casino was one of the few online gambling sites to be approved under the UK Gambling Act of 2005. In this article we are going to explore the reasons of a staggering Ladbrokes Casino popularity among British gamblers and players from all over the world.

First Impression

Ladbrokes Casino is quite a colourful website designed in a red colour scheme. Top menu allows you to switch from casino to poker,bingo, mobile or other Ladbrokes platforms using the very same account. Left hand bar allows you to navigate through the main sections of the Ladbrokes Casino without much hassle. In the middle of a screen you will learn about some most popular games from the extensive Ladbrokes Casino assortment. The website is licensed and regulated in Gibraltar that is one of the top online gambling jurisdictions in the world.

Casino Software

Ladbrokes Casino offers a great gambling platform developed by Microgaming. Microgaming is one of the top software developers in the casino world; therefore, there is nothing surprising that here you can enjoy an incredible assortment of 540 casino games in both instant play and download modes. Here you will find slot machines included in the progressive jackpots network by Microgaming, exclusive My Slots with adjustable graphics and audio effects, the whole selection of table games, card games, arcade games, video poker and so on.

Having registered in Ladbrokes Casino, you will be able to enjoy live dealer games that are the latest gambling fashion. You will be able to chat with live dealers and other players at the tables of such games as blackjack, roulette, sic bo and baccarat. Live dealer games by Microgaming offer the incredible level of realism.

Casino Promotions

Ladbrokes Casino is famous for its generous welcome bonus aimed at the newly-registered players of the website. A 100% match bonus is offered for the first deposit ranging from €/£5 to €/£200. This welcome bonus cannot go over €/£200. Once you make your second deposit, you will be entitled to make 20 free spins on one of the most popular slot machines in the Ladbrokes Casino assortment ( Tomb Raider II Secret of the Sword).

Besides this generous sign-up bonus, Ladbrokes Casino also offers daily cash prizes, referral bonuses and bonuses for live casino players. Most loyal customers of Ladbrokes Casino may become members of the Ladbrokes VIP Club with VIP Rewards, VIP Promotions and other exclusive benefits.

Casino Banking

Assortment of payment solutions is one of the key factors you need to consider when choosing UK online casinos. Unfortunately, Ladbrokes Casino doesn’t offer such a vast selection of deposit methods as William Hill Casino aimed at British customers as well. Among the most popular methods are Visa credit cards, Maestro deposit cards, Moneybookers and Neteller e-wallets, Ukash prepaid cards and bank transfer. Such currencies as £, €, $ are accepted. You cannot deposit less than £10 or an equivalent of this amount in other currencies.


Ladbrokes Casino is a great combination of a well-known name with a top-tier gambling platform by Playtech. The assortment of games goes beyond any praises. The only factor that troubled us when making a review is a limited choice of payment solutions compared to some other UK online casinos and lack of information about casino bonuses and promos. 9.5 of 10 points based on this casino review.

The Best Casino Bonuses

If you are playing at an online casino, then you will be aware that there are bonuses that you can get. Many casinos offer bonuses as an incentive to get people to play with them. They often have good deals for new players and will sometimes have bonuses for existing players as well. Check out a casino blog to find out more.

The most likely bonuses that you will see will be a certain amount in cash with your first deposit over a certain amount or matching the amount of money that you deposit up to a certain value.

These always sound really good, but sometimes there are catches and so you need to carefully study the terms and conditions first. Sometimes you have to play a certain amount of games before you can withdraw your winnings or you need to play all your money several times before you can withdraw it. It is therefore so important to make sure that you are aware of the terms before you deposit any money.

If you want to find the biggest bonuses, you will usually find that these are for new players. This means that you may have to keep on signing up with new casinos in order to get these. You will need to keep looking around for new sites to find out what new bonuses they are offering as well.

It can be very time consuming to keep looking around for new bonuses all the time. If you enjoy playing, then it might be better just to get on with enjoying the game, rather than spending a lot of time looking around for the best bonuses. However, you may get more of a thrill from getting a good deal and therefore it will be better to search for those bonuses. You need to decide which will be best for you.

Do you want to play casino games on your mobile phone? Check out to get more tips.

Are New Member Bonuses Really Worth What They Seem?

Many casinos have great offers to try to attract new customers. They often have bonuses where they will match money deposited in an account or maybe give three or four times what is put in. This can seem like a fantastic offer.

It can be worth signing up to a lot of new sites so that you can take advantage of their new member offers. However, it is very important to be clear on their terms and conditions before you get too carried away.

With some casinos you can only draw out money once you make several deposits. You may have a minimum withdrawal amount. Sometimes you have to play all of the money deposited before you can make a withdrawal and you may even have to play anything you win.

There are sites which are more straightforward, but you have to remember that if you pay in $100 and they match it with $100 they will not want to allow you to draw it all out without using their casino. Everyone would be using it as a way to easily make money! They want you to play at their casino so that you get to like it and deposit more money. You cannot blame them for doing that as they want to make a profit.

So do not get trapped in to thinking that you are getting something for nothing. You will need to use the casino bonus to play with and play with the money that you have deposited before you can make a withdrawal. However, if you are keen to try out the site, then this could be a great thing. However, if you are not that keen, then it may be better to make a small deposit or play a casino that you think will be better.

Why are Casinos so Controversial?

There are many people that think that casinos are very bad. They feel that people are being conned and that gambling is very wrong. Sometimes this comes from religion as some religions are against gambling. Sometimes this is more from a moral point of view.

People do see casinos as places that con people out of money, but they do not. People pay money to have the entertainment of playing a game and there is a possibility that they may get some or all of it back. In rare cases they might win more than they pay in.

I think that people who disapprove of gambling see the casinos as ripping people off. They think that innocent people are being conned in to spending money that they do not have on the premise that they could win a great deal of money. Most people realise that these big jackpots do not get win that often and they know that they will have to pay out a lot of money to give themselves a chance of winning.

It is far more common to win lower prizes and some people are more than happy with doing that. Even if they win less than they pay in, they are happy because they had a win.

It is worth remembering that although casinos are making a profit out of people, so is every other business. They have to do that in order to keep going or at least break even.  They are therefore no different to any other business, just selling a service to make money. Everyone has a choice as to whether they want to take part in gambling, they all know that there is a chance they will lose their money and so it is not right to say that anyone is being conned.

Enjoy Playing Online Bingo

Online bingo is mainly played in the US and the UK. In regular bingo halls, normal balls are used but in online bingo, sites use a random number generator that produces different random numbers which the players have to cut off if it is present on their card. Playing bingo on the internet also helps in interaction between players and awares people of the benefit of a joint social community because of the chat functionality present on the online bingo sites.

There are basically four main types of bingo played around the world; the 75-ball version on a 5×5 card mostly played in North America, the 90-ball version played on a 9×3 card mainly played in the UK, Australia and parts of Europe and South America. The third type of bingo is the quickest version of bingo with 30 balls played on a 3×3 card. And the fourth main type of bingo is the 80-ball bingo played on a 4×4 card.

To play online bingo, Java script or Adobe Flash player is required to support the extra plug-ins of the game. In some cases, users have to download the game to play online. After downloading, active internet connection is required to play bingo online. Players have to register an online player account to play online.

One of the many benefits of playing online is that players can use optional features which make playing easy. These optional features include feature like extra dab; a feature which automatically ticks off the called numbers, saving the players from making extra effort, and many other advantageous features which assist the users and makes playing much easy.

Along with enjoying the thrill of online bingo, free bonus is also offered. The bonus varies in different bingo games. Some offer large bonuses while some offer small but numerous bonuses. Some sites offer 50% bonus in between deposits while some offer bigger prizes like cars and jackpots without deposits. Whatever the case, free online bingo bonus is guaranteed in every game of online bingo, some with deposits and some without deposits.

Online bingo with no deposits makes bingo more cheap and extra rewarding, hence, attracting more people. Extra reward is what mostly calls new users and keeps the old users attracted. Make sure you play online bingo and collect a lot of bonuses and rewards and not miss out the thrill of the online bingo which is just something great to have.

Blackjack – Game Guide

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-one, Vingt-et-un (French for Twenty-one), or Pontoon, is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. One of the major reasons behind blackjack’s popularity is due to the mix of chance with elements of skill, and the publicity that surrounds card counting (keeping track of which cards have been played since the last shuffle).

When Twenty-one was first introduced in the United States it was not very popular, so to get more players to the tables gambling houses tried offering various bonus payouts. One such bonus was a 10-to-1 payout if the player’s hand consisted of the ace of spades and a black Jack (either the Jack of clubs or the Jack of spades). This hand was called a “blackjack” and the name stuck to the game even though the bonus payout was soon abolished. As the game is currently played, a “blackjack” may not necessarily contain a jack or any black cards at all. We have at our archives not only the best of UK blackjack casinos after doing a comprehensive research on them, but have also laid stress on the highest payouts and signup bonuses .

The online blackjack casinos that have been reviewed at this site have all the state-of-the-art software and best gaming features. The mentioned sites are not the once to offer just internet blackjack games as apart of their interface, but they redefine the whole meaning of online casino blackjack gaming experience and provide a new realm to it. They all have an around the clock online/ offline customer support team, and are the ones that we found to be nothing less than the best for your online blackjack gambling experience. Continue reading

Play Free Online Bingo Games To Entertain Yourself

Different types of bingo games are played all over the world. Usually, in the United Kingdom it is played with tickets which contain fifteen numbers; and in the United States it is played with tickets which contain 5X5 randomly generated numbers. You can play online free bingo games over the internet. There are many sites which are offering different types of free online bingo games. Many of these sites have made the games more interesting by providing bonuses.

How will you play the game? A process has been described here. Bingo can be named as the game of chance. In this game, randomly selected numbers will be drawn, if a player can match those numbers with the numbers printed on the card, then he will be the winner. When you will try to play the game through online, you can get the bingo bonuses just for signup or for uploading an amount. However, you should not rush to sign into those sites and upload money without considering the genuineness of the site.

Players are given bingo cards; each card contains a unique combination, in some cases blank spaces.  The winning pattern is announced before starting the game. The caller is the person who randomly selects a certain type of ball which is numbered. Then the caller announces the number. The number that has been announced is kept aside; it will not be chosen again. You can get these instructions on free bingo games online sites.

The players search their cards for the announced number, those who find the number on their cards, they mark it. Skilled players find out the number in the time before another number is announced. To enjoy the game you can try online bingo free games. There you can increase your skill to find out the numbers. However, it is always recommended that you should not be careless when you play with money. If you are careless, then it may cost you a lot.

The caller announces the numbers one after another until a player forms the pattern that was announced. The pattern may be one line or two lines or full house. It may be cover-all, blackout, or full card in the United States. You can use online bingo free money while playing on the internet. If you are too much tired of working different types of official jobs, then these free games may help you to refresh your mind.